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Hand-Dyed Spinning Fiber

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We spend a good portion of our waking hours treadling away at our spinning wheels and we know that sometimes it's heavenly and sometimes it's frustrating as heck and the fiber can make all the difference.

We get our fiber from multiple sources because we've found that one vendor might have the shiniest BFL while another has the finest Merino. We're just as picky about the dyes we use. Lanaset (also known as Sabraset) dyes are more expensive and complex to use than other acid dyes available to professional fiber artists, but they have the highest washfast and lightfast ratings and create stunningly complex colors.

In addition to the materials themselves, the dye process can really affect the spinning experience. It's important to us that our colorways are as pretty on the inside of the fiber as they are on the outside and that the fiber stays soft and fluffy and fun to spin. There's no secret to our methods for providing high-quality hand-dyed fiber — we're just extremely thorough, patient, and gentle!

We're guilty of mostly offering fibers we love to spin ourselves, but this list is changing (growing) all the time. Feel free to contact us if you're looking for something specific.

Blue Faced Leicester
BFL is a favorite of new and experienced spinners alike because it is soft, lofty, lustrous, and easy to spin.

Famous for it's finess, Merino is soft enough for next-to-skin items and baby knits. The shorter staple length makes it tricky for beginners, but it's a dreamy fiber to spin.

South African Fine Wool
This blend of merino and other breeds is comparable to Merino in softness, but it's easier to spin and has a soft matte sheen.

Superwash Merino
Ease of care makes this a very popular fiber for handspun sock yarn and other garments. Superwash fiber also takes up dye like crazy.

Superwash Corriedale
The superwash processing makes this fiber softer and silkier than regular Corriedale, but it's quite a bit easier to spin than Superwash Merino.

This blend adds the wonderful properties of silk, such as softness, lightness, strength, and shine, to luxurious Merino. Merino/Silk is heavenly to spin and wear.

Tencel is a very glossy natural fiber made from wood pulp. Yarn spun from our Merino/Tencel blend will have a wonderful shine and drape.

Optim is Merino that has been mechanically stretched to a fineness comparable to cashmere. It is similar to silk with it's extra long fiber length and beautiful matte sheen. It is not elastic like Merino, but rather has an elegant drape and smoothness. It's the finest fiber we've spun, aside from cashmere but we could only afford a teeny tiny bit of that. Optim is a much more affordable alternative.

Vegan fibers like Soysilk & Bamboo coming soon!


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